Life Purpose Deep Dive Session



By the end of this 50-minute session, you'll have a specific, two-paragraph definition of your life purpose. You'll no longer wonder what you came to this planet to be and achieve, or take aimless action towards random directions hoping they're aligned to your purpose.

Instead, in this session, I'll guide you through my proven process to finding and defining your life purpose in specific terms, and give you intuitive and practical guidance about the action steps you need to take to follow and fulfil it.

My purpose involves helping lightworkers to find and follow their purpose, and I've dedicated my career to learning the best processes to helping them do so. As a result, I've guided hundreds of people to successfully define and follow their life purpose, and I'm confident in helping you do so, too.

*As soon as you've booked the session you'll receive an email with the Zoom link, and a link to my calendar to schedule it.


"I was struggling to get clear on my true purpose for a while. After my session with George I started feeling so much more clear on my purpose, mission & pattern. George helped me wake up & clear anything that was holding me back. Since our session I have signed up new clients due to the confidence and clarity I now have!"  – Rania Ditsas, Australia

"George is a pleasure to work with and he was so insightful and helpful in enabling me to identify my life purpose. He is highly intuitive and from the questions he posed and truly listening to me he was able to put together pieces of the puzzle that was my life. I began to see my whole life in a new light. George is passionate and very sharp in his assessment of his clients' needs, and working with him has enabled me to step up and step out to truly live my divine life purpose."  – Alistair Coakley, Ireland

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