Journey to Your Soul Realms



Journey to Your Soul Realm is an online, pre-recorded, 90-minute past-life regression workshop to explore your soul-realm past lives.

During this 90-minute past-life regression you can expect to…

  • Safely experience one or more of your soul realm past lives. You’ll learn your name, how you looked, your purpose, and how your life unfolded.
  • Discover your soul realm purpose and get clues as to what your purpose in this lifetime is
  • Identify and heal past-life realm traumas that keep you from standing fully in your power now
  • Retrieve your soul-realm skills, talents, and knowledge so that you speed up your spiritual growth
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your fears, relationship patterns and frustrations, so you can heal them and live more fully

By the end of the workshop, you’d have experienced one or more of your soul realm past lives, healed traumas holding you back, discovered your soul realm purpose, and retrieved skills, talents, and knowledge, all helping you move forward on your life purpose.

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