Journey to Atlantis



During this online, pre-recorded, two-hour online past-life regression workshop you can expect to:

  • Learn about you and your many lives in Atlantis: your name, how you looked, what you did for a living, how you used your spiritual/intuitive skills, who you hang out with, your relationship with your family, etc.
  • Identify past-life blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward in the present lifetime.
  • Identify and retrieve your Atlantean psychic skills and healing techniques.
  • Embody your enlightened Atlantean selves so you can speed up your spiritual growth in this lifetime.
  • Uncover information about Atlantis you can't find anywhere else.

By the end of the two-hour regression you'd have awakened yourself to your past lives in Atlantis, identified past-life blocks, uncovered information about Atalantis, and embodied your Atlanteans selves in your current lifetime, to speed up your spiritual journey of ascension.

Get more details about the workshop here.

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