Elemental Healing™ Session




In a live, 60-minute video Elemental Healing™ Session I take the back seat, and I allow your elemental guides – dragons, faeries, mermaids, sylphs, unicorns, muses – to come through and do the talking.

Elemental Healing™ is a new healing modality I co-created with Calista which leverages on the healing wisdom of nature and the nature beings. The Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course runs for twelve weeks twice a year, during which Calista and I train, initiate, and attune students to becoming certified Elemental Healing™ Practitioners.

We’ll start the session by defining the problem or issue you’d like guidance on, and then I’ll tune into the spirit of your soul asking your elemental guides to show up. They’ll communicate messages, guidance, and provide practical tools that you can use to come out of your current situation, thriving. Or, they may guide me to perform a healing session that may include cutting etheric cords, removing psychic attack, and healing aspects of your aura and energy body.

You’ll leave the session with answers to your questions, deep healing, and a practical toolkit you can use to move forward.

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