Divine Masculine Rising



Divine Masculine Rising is a pre-recorded two-hour online workshop with Vix + George Lizos where you'll get to heal past-life patriarchy traumas, unbind karmic contracts that had you abusing masculine energy, activate and balance your masculine energy, and learn practical tools to using it as a force for good.

Specifically, in this workshop you will…. 

  • Explore Your Akashic Records in a Past-Life Regression to Heal Patriarchy Traumas
  • Work with Archangels Azrael and Jeremiel to Release Karmic Contracts & Fears Around Masculine Energy
  • Journey to the Heart of the Divine Masculine for a Powerful Heart Activation
  • Learn George’s and Vix’s Top Tools to Using Masculine Energy as A Force for Good

By the end of the workshop, you’d have released past-life hurts and traumas inflicted by Patriarchy, unbound karmic contracts that had you abusing masculine energy, awakened and balanced the masculine energy within you, and empowered yourself with practical tools to using the Divine Masculine as a force for good.

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