Becoming Clairvoyant



Becoming Clairvoyant isn’t for the naturally “gifted”. It’s for those who, irrespective of talent, are passionate about developing their intuitive abilities, and are committed to doing the work in developing them.

During this online, 90-minute workshop you can expect to:

  • Learn practical exercises and techniques to strengthen your inner vision and receive clear messages from spirit
  • Remove psychic attack, past-life vows, and toxic cords of attachment that may be hindering your clairvoyance
  • Connect with Greek god Apollo to retrieve the skill of clairvoyance from your past lives
  • Work with the unicorns and spirit elementals to boost your intuition and unlock your psychic potential
  • Learn the process I've developed to see spirits with your physical eyes. 

By the end of the workshop, you'd have awakened your clairvoyance, removed the blocks that hinder it, and equipped yourself with practical processes, spiritual technologies, and meditation journeys you can use daily, to consciously strengthen it. Successful application of these processes will help you receive clear and vivid visual messages in your intuitive work.

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