Advanced Psychic Protection



Advanced Psychic Protection is an online, pre-recorded, 90-minute workshop of advanced spiritual tools to protecting against negative people and energy.

During this online workshop, you will... 

  • Understand how psychic attack works, the three types of psychic attack and how to recognize them, and why old-school protection methods may no longer work.
  • Learn the three essential steps of psychic self-protection
  • Meet your Elemental Protection Guardian and work together to release psychic attack and protect against negative people and energy
  • Work with the Fire Dragons in a powerful clearing journey to releasing long-term negative attachments
  • Go on a past-life regression to meet your Warrior Self and receive your personal psychic weapon

And much more...

By the end of the workshop, you'd have released all current psychic attack, and filled your spiritual toolkit with advanced protection techniques and processes to prevent future attacks.

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