2021 Overview Tarot Reading



In this one-hour tarot reading, I'll tune into your energy and communicate with your guides to provide you with an energy forecast for 2021 and share with you guidance on how to make the most out of the new year.

This will be a structured tarot reading focussed specifically on:

  • What you need to let go of to experience more ease, happiness, and fulfilment
  • The inner qualities you need to develop to thrive in all areas of life
  • The top goals, projects, or life areas you need to focus on to move forward with your purpose
  • A quarterly energetic review of 2020 and how you need to approach each period

By the end of the reading, you'll have an overview of your year with specific guidance and action steps you can take, to thrive in all areas of life. You're free to record the reading so that you can refer back to it throughout the year.


"I had a reading with George to help me plan out next year. I found his work to be crystal clear and very direct - but delivered with love. We dug into each quarter and what activities would be best aligned there, but also what I would need as the person behind the business, for the expansion to feel comfortable and supported. This included cutting a long-held belief that played out in many lifetimes and was sabotaging this one. I highly recommend George's readings, and trust the wisdom he brings forward." – Seryna Myers

"I’m so grateful that I invested in George, the value was exponentially more than the money I spent. In the Tarot Reading session, George had so much more to offer than an intuitive tarot reading. He described the blocks that I have and what areas I have limiting beliefs around, and then suggested modalities and books that would work best for me with those. He mapped out my year in quarters and explained where my focus needed to be each quarter. This information alone was priceless!  

I found out that I had my goals backwards, and that I had some personal work to do before launching some career goals, or making big relationship decisions. This information alone changed the course my life was going to take, and I know it was Divinely guided. He shared 3 characteristics that I needed to work on in order to become more balanced, which was confirming what I had already sensed but hadn’t taken action on yet.  

As if that wasn’t already an incredible wealth of information, he also let me know which beings were around me and supporting me and shared the messages they had for me. I was stunned at what is spiritually available and my whole spiritual perspective has been cracked open yet again, in a good way!  

George held a beautifully loving and accepting space for me throughout the reading. I felt seen, heard, accepted, inspired, loved, and enlightened. I’ll never forget the reading, and will forever be grateful. It was an incredibly significant divine appointment within my destined path!" – Tania Andersen, USA

"I've just had the best session with George – the 2020 reading for the year. He was amazing! Everything he said was on point, he told me everything I needed to work on and gave me the best advice and outlook for this coming year. He put all my fears and uncertainties to rest. I'm so looking forward to this year because of his advice. I feel so much lighter and calm after our session. I'm so happy I did it; it was the best reading I ever had, and I've had many in my 55 years of life. Thank you so much, George, you're such a wonderful person!" – MJ Clark, USA

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