A Workshop to Heal & Reclaim Your Masculine Energy

The Divine Feminine is rising.  

HER energy has been helping us to shed, heal and release old patriarchal systems, energies and structures on this planet in recent years.  

Women are speaking their truth like never before in recorded history. Women’s circles are popping up all over the planet. Women are attending women’s marches, they are speaking up about abuse and trauma, and are moving into positions of power in our society.  

But meanwhile, the Divine Masculine has been quietly rising beside her, too. He has been holding her hand, supporting her work, walking beside her at the marches, and shedding his own tears of grief at the trauma she has experienced.  

The Divine Masculine is also rising.  

Our physical beings were created by both the masculine and feminine, and in order for us to create the life of our dreams and fulfil our life purpose we need to have a balance of both masculine and feminine energy working within us.  

It’s time we realised that the Divine Masculine isn’t the bad guy, the way we’ve abused it is. It’s our job as spiritual seekers to heal it, reclaim it, and learn to use it as a force for good.

Both of us (George & Vix), have had powerful experiences on the journey to balancing our masculine and feminine energies. In this class, we'll share with you powerful journeys and practical tips to help you do so, too.  


Divine Masculine Rising is a two-hour pre-recorded workshop where you'll get to heal past-life patriarchy traumas, unbind karmic contracts that had you abusing masculine energy, activate and balance your masculine energy, and learn practical tools to using it as a force for good. 

Specifically, in this workshop you will…. 

  • Explore Your Akashic Records in a Past-Life Regression to Heal Patriarchy Traumas
  • Work with Archangels Azrael and Jeremiel to Release Karmic Contracts & Fears Around Masculine Energy  
  • Journey to the Heart of the Divine Masculine for a Powerful Heart Activation
  • Learn George’s and Vix’s Top Tools to Using Masculine Energy as A Force for Good  

By the end of the workshop, you’d have released past-life hurts and traumas inflicted by Patriarchy, unbound karmic contracts that had you abusing masculine energy, awakened and balanced the masculine energy within you, and empowered yourself with practical tools to using the Divine Masculine as a force for good.  

This workshop is for you if...

  • You’ve experienced abuse in the current lifetime by powerful men or institutions
  • You're comfortable visualising and meditating but tend to procrastinate when it comes to taking action
  • You have the need to prove to other people that you’re strong and worthy
  • You feel like it’s you against the world. You fear that people are out to get you and you have to constantly protect yourself
  • You believe that success comes from hard work and struggle. No pain, no game.
  • You have a difficult relationship with the Divine Masculine and masculine energy in general
  • You’ve been working with the Divine Feminine for a while now and want to bring in the masculine for balance
  • You want to feel safe, grounded, powerful and able to take action towards your goals and dreams
  • You want to heal and release past-life pain and suffering at the hands of men who have abused their power
  • You want to release your own unconscious tendencies of abusing masculine energy


Your Hosts

George Lizos a spiritual teacher, intuitive, and the author of Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher.  

He works with lightworkers, mystics, and spiritual entrepreneurs, helping them hone in on their purpose and work their magic in real, practical ways to create positive change in the world.  

He is the creator of two healing modalities, Unicorn Therapy™ and Elemental Healing, and his work has been featured in Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit, Chat It’s Fate, Must Magazine, The Numinous, The Daily Guru, and Imperial College Business School.  

​George holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Metaphysical Sciences, and is an ordained priest to Hellenic Polytheism. www.georgelizos.com

A Priestess for present times, a modern mystic and spiritual teacher in converse sneakers, Vix believes that being connected to our own hearts, souls and spiritual team is our natural state and she’s excited to be able to be of service to those who are searching for a way back. Vix is devoted to helping others reconnect to their own light, inner guidance and power so they can live out their best and highest lives. 

She supports her growing worldwide community through workshops, private sessions, the New Age Hipster podcast, blog, YouTube channel, online groups and social media ministry.  

Vix is an ex-high school and special ed teacher, she is a YA indie author and enjoys drinking tea, exploring stone circles, eating vegan pizza and watching 80's movies. www.newagehipster.co  


Here's what people have to say...

"Working with Vix has helped me connect back to my true self and has given me the confidence to explore my spiritual side without judgement; and in turn share my messages in a much more heartfelt way. Having attended in person workshops as well as been part of her online offerings, including The Circle, I have always felt so safe and supported by her when she holds space. She has guided me in meditation several times, each time leading to shifts and ‘ah ha’ moments and a renewed connection to myself."


"I loved doing the Life Purpose Intensive workshop with George. I clearly discovered my life purpose at the end of the workshop - I kind of already knew, but being able to actually put it into words seemed to give it more purpose, more meaning and a whole lot more power. You'll be pleased to know that I'm following my purpose and doing my first workshop in my shop to teach what I’ve learnt over the years.” 


“Working with Vix is an easy joy. She knows how to share the important messages with you, how to make the interpretation of the cards, guidance or teaching super straightforward and meaningful for you. Whether it's a reading, online course, her mega e-books or as part of her ever growing loving community, Vix is your go to for enjoyable and purposeful intuitive magic and direction.”  


“I’ve been trying to narrow down my life purpose but have been having a hard time getting there. I have known for quite some time now that my purpose is one of love and hope but didn’t know in what capacity. In my future vision, I was on the beach surrounded by a group of happy children and I could feel the love connecting us all together. I now know that my life purpose has to do with teaching these qualities to children. I’m so grateful for this revelation!”  


"Vix puts her whole self into everything that she does, whether it's her paid offerings or the plentiful free content she gifts to the world. When I devour her newsletter or watch one of her YouTube videos or have a reading with her, it's like sipping stardust swirled into a latte made by the world's most talented barista." 


"I was struggling to get clear on my true purpose for a while. After my session with George I started feeling so much more clear on my purpose, mission & pattern. George helped me wake up & clear anything that was holding me back. Since our session I have signed up new clients due to the confidence and clarity I now have!" 


"I wanted to let you know how good your guided meditations are. I've done a fair few the past year or so from a range of people and yours are by far the most clear, best thought through, most professional and they are just getting better all the time. Thank you, Vix!"  


"George is a pleasure to work with and he was so insightful and helpful in enabling me to identify my life purpose. He is highly intuitive and from the questions he posed and truly listening to me he was able to put together pieces of the puzzle that was my life. I began to see my whole life in a new light. George is passionate and very sharp in his assessment of his clients' needs, and working with him has enabled me to step up and step out to truly live my divine life purpose."  


“Vix is a potent intuitive reader! She held space with deep grace. I am so grateful that she was able to keep the energy light while we dove into deep waters. Everything she shared with me was on point and actionable. She has an uncanny ability to cut to the truth in a way that feels like warm honey for the soul. I left our time together with a great sense of direction. The best part was that her reading was a beautiful reminder that my sails are powered by my own inner strength + creativity. I love her energy + insight. I would consult with her time and again. I like to think of her as my very own in-house reader. Every woman needs her go-to reader. Vix is mine.”  


“My unicorn is aptly named Miracle and my life purpose has to do with blending the worlds of left/right brain, of balance, and teaching this balance to others. I am quite literally ambidextrous, which carries into my writing, and I believe needs to carry through to the world even more. I am starting to use my voice in speaking to groups, and my purpose includes nurturing that by conquering my fears and going forth on a larger scale. It is time. Thank you, George for this meditation!”  



Why do a workshop on the Divine Masculine alone, rather than on finding balance?  

The aim of this workshop is to help you find balance between masculine and feminine energy. The reason we’re focusing on the Divine Masculine alone, is because healing the hurts, traumas, and abuse of the masculine energy is an important step to finding balance. Unless you heal, forgive and activate your Divine Masculine energy, you won’t be able to use it as a force for good, thus you won’t be able to find balance.  

What’s the difference between the Divine Masculine/Feminine, gender, and sexuality?  

These are three distinct terms. The Divine Masculine and Feminine energies are equally present within the Universe, our world, nature, and yourself. Your gender (male/female/other) or sexuality (LGBTQIA+/straight) are unrelated to your masculine and feminine energies.  

What will I leave this workshop with?  

By the end of this two-hour workshop you'll have unbound karmic contracts that had you abusing masculine energy, healed past-life hurts and traumas that Patriarchy inflicted on you, activated and balanced your masculine energy, and learned practical tools to using your masculine energy as a force for good.  

Do you have more questions?  

If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with us on Instagram at @georgelizos and @newagehipster333.