Review: Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) by Tim Van der Vliet

Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) Tim van der Vliet

What is it?

Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) is Tim Van Der Vliet’s first book – a short, simple, yet powerful book, which takes a new slant on the process of finding enlightenment.

What’s it like?

It only takes 15 minutes to read the entire book, and it only takes 15 minutes to find spiritual awakening through it. What makes Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) such an interesting read, is the uniqueness of its design and content. What instantly stands out is its black cover with an imposing bulldog staring at you with a tilted head – not your typical cover of a book about spiritual awakening.

Divided into five parts, the book’s content is most accurately described as a series of enlarged affirmation cards, each with a different design; featuring quotes, and free verse poems. The language is simple but thought-provoking, and the five parts are structured in such a way to, incrementally draw you into Tim’s distinct way of finding enlightenment.

A poignant characteristic of the book is the use of rhetorical questions. Although, thought-provoking questions form the basis of many spiritual books, it is interesting to have a question take up an entire, sometimes two, pages of the book. It seems such a simple thing to do, yet having a question take up so much physical space gives it the emphasis that it needs, and forces you to, not just ponder on it for a second or two, but really search deep into your unconscious for wisdom.

My experience

“You have to be kidding me!” That was my reaction as soon as I opened the book. Being used to reading lengthy and complicated spiritual books, I was completely taken aback by the almost-impossible-for-me-to-comprehend simplicity of the book. For three months I had it sitting on my bed table, meaning to read it but “not finding the time to.” Finally, one Sunday morning, feeling numbed by all the conventional spiritual books I had to read, I decided to rebel.

Naturally, I was inclined to read a book that did the same!

Half-empty pages, single-line exercises, unexpected illustrations, inappropriate words, and a major lack of commas, was all that it took to win me over! Being a perfection freak, I felt so liberated to be exposed to a world view that broke out of the stereotypical spiritual narratives I’ve become so accustomed to. Page after page, I enthused on a journey that challenged my preconceived notions of spirituality. By the end of it, stripped off of intricate meditation techniques and spiritual jargon, I found the fresh new spiritual perspective I’ve been seeking:

Simple is pure
Pure is simple
That simple?

Lasting Insights

Irony, is what makes Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) such a powerful book. By breaking away from the stereotypical boundaries of most spiritual texts, it affords us with permission to break away from the similar boundaries of our ego.

In understanding this, we realize that, as healing and expansive as spirituality is, it also exists in rules and boxes that impose on us a certain lexicon, structure and set of perceptions that limit our experience of God. In their attempt to break away from the rigid rules of religion, they end up creating new ones. In its unique and rebellious format, Spiritual Awakening (the easy way), lend consent to, not only acknowledge that truth, but break away from it completely.

In Tim’s words “You are the only one in your life show. Now you know. Be a rebel, go find your truth, and forget those people (like me) who tell you how to.”

Where can I get it?

Check out Tim’s website, and purchase the book from Amazon.

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