Robert Holden’s Loveability Book Launch


When I found out that the Alchemy Center was organizing a book launch party for Robert Holden’s new book, Loveability I knew that I had to attend! Even though I hadn’t even bought the book at the time I could sense its endearing essence and significance as well as the potential for spiritual awakening held within its title. I booked my place right away and from that moment on I seemed to have triggered universal forces that orchestrated the perfect blend of events, circumstances and conversations to guide me into making the best out of it. The book arrived at the time when I’d finished interviewing Dawn Brierley for her work as the Fairy Whisperer. Our common passion and love for books instantly inspired us to start our very own study group, with Loveability being our first read. When inspiration knocks on your door you have to answer, and so when Dawn presented me with our “Dawn & George’s Loveability Journey” banner I knew I was up for a new adventure in my spiritual path.

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  3. Hi George,

    I would like to invite you and Dawn to my 3-day Loveability course in the UK in July, as my guests. If you’d like to come please contact Sabrina at and we will get the invites out
    to you. With love, Robert