Review: The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel by Doreen Virtue

the-miracles-of-archangel-gabrielThe Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, by Doreen Virtue

Published by, Hay House UK

“When I have a son I’ll name him Gabriel.” The statement came through my mouth completely out of the blue, about three years ago. I never had any particular connection or liking to the name Gabriel before, and I had never been particularly interested in reading about or communicating with Archangel Gabriel. Nevertheless, whenever I thought of the name Gabriel, I was instantly instilled with a sense of harmony, freedom, strength and creativity, which put me at ease.

Initially, I hadn’t paid much attention to what was going on; yet, in the course of the past three years I was met with a series of poignant coincidences pertaining to the name Gabriel, which led me to revisit the situation. From singing “Blow Gabriel blow” in a performance of the musical Anything Goes, to meeting Gabrielle Bernstein in her London seminar in 2013, and finally, coming across Doreen Virtue’s book The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel a day after it was released, I knew that fate was knocking on my door, and I had to let her in. Don’t get me wrong, I have long been an angel communicator and healer and I work closely with Archangels Michael and Chamuel, yet, despite my passionate interest in the archangels, I was never inclined to buying any of Doreen’s books on the subject.

However, as soon as I faced the striking painting of Archangel Gabriel on the book’s cover, I knew that this was something I had to get my hands on. Reading page after page, the reasons behind my unruly urge to learning more about the archangel became evident. The book is divided into eight chapters, each one dealing with a one of Gabriel’s qualities, accompanied with a beautiful blend of real-life stories of how the archangel helped people in different situations. In the book, Doreen Virtue talks about Archangel Gabriel’s following areas of expertise:

  • Conception and Pregnancy
  • Parenting and Childhood
  • Clear communication through writing, speaking, acting, singing, drawing, designing, and any way of communicating a message.

Archangel for Writers

“All angels are messengers of God, each with an individual specialty. Yet we most often think of Archangel Gabriel as the messenger among the messengers… The archangel also delivers important information through people, particularly writers.”

Having read this, I was instantly hit with the realization that I knew was coming. Three years ago, I discovered my passion for writing, and I made the bold choice to start a blog and write my first book. Ever since, I felt to the core of my being that expressing myself through the act of writing was part of my Divine life purpose, and have prayed to God and the angels to guide me through the process. Apparently, Archangel Gabriel had responded to my request immediately, as all the references to his name I’d attracted proved. Remarkably, I received those references while participating in an activity overseen by Archangel Gabriel. Wishing to name my son Gabriel relates to Gabriel’s specialty in guiding parents and children, singing “Blow Gabriel Blow” pertains to the angel’s connection to singers and artists, and meeting author and speaker Gabriel Bernstein last winter, is directly related to Gabriel’s close relationship with these professions.

Exhilarated with what I had discovered, I spent the last two weeks in the warmth and comfort of Archangel Gabriel’s nurturing yet motivational guidance, as Doreen Virtue helped me smother the fears of my ego through her encouraging messages and affable tone. Doreen Virtue’s writing voice evokes a sense of enchantment that brings the archangel right there in the room with you, while the healing messages that are rampant through the book seep effortlessly through your skin. There are no complicated concepts or processes in the book, and the language is simple, enabling a natural flow of loving spiritual messages, adorned with the most beautiful glossy paintings of Archangel Gabriel.

To sum up, The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel provides a perfect blend of spiritual healing and information about Archangel Gabriel. Filled with attractive paintings, moving anecdotes, and glazed with Doreen Virtue’s unique ability to bring a sense of enchantment and aliveness to the prose, the book cemented my relationship with Archangel Gabriel, and as a result, instilled me with a renewed sense of trust for the guidance I know is there for me.