Finding Independence Inside an Amethyst Crack – By Bernard Charles


It doesn’t take much for me to realize what I need to do in life because my open, rough, and tough attitude tends to accept all forms of synchronicity. In the past weeks, I’ve been asked “why do you still live with your parents?” From multiple people, all unrelated and within days apart from each other. Clearly, I’m not living up to my projection that’s being cast into the world. So naturally, I connected the dots and discovered that being home is the culprit. It’s my comfort space though, but I did make it a resolution this year to start taking responsibility for my independence, and this is how an amethyst crystal helped me to start seeing my path clearly.

Lesson one of my amethyst journey so far was seeing my ideal self. This came through a dream I had the other night after working on my amethyst meditation eBook. (I did not plan on that happening, but Spirit does what Spirit does.) In my dream, I was watching a young boy, about 12-years-old forced into a fenced play pen. Then suddenly he hopped over his confinement freely. He began to sing “Look at me now.” When I awoke from this, I started to hum the tune and looked over to see my cracked amethyst grinning rather boldly at me. I am always processing the messages and meanings of my journey as best as I can, and seeing my subconscious break free from its constraints, helps me to realize that I too can hop the fence and sing confidently afterwards.

So, where does this leave me on the journey? In my own life, I’m still working through the kinks to be honest, but am more so consciously aware of respecting my freedom and independence since this exposure. Thus, taking the initiative to increase my service prices (to survive), and offering more products and events for people to continue living their life naturally. Presently, I am here in this forgotten coal mining town for a reason, so I might as well turn up the heat and start making diamonds while I have the support and energy to do so.

Amethyst has helped me to improve my vision and mental clarity of who I am and what I can offer as a crystal healer, psychic and gay meditation coach in the northeast region of Pennsylvania. I am certain my influence is global as most of my clients tend to be, but for now my hometown needs me, and I will be their lightkeeper for as long as Spirit tells me.

Bernard Charles is an ancient host of intuition that reignites the light in people through meditation coaching, crystal healing and intuitive card/tea readings. To learn more about Bernard visit his website and Facebook page.