Finding Love with Archangel Chamuel


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I had my first interaction with Archangel Chamuel during one of my daily meditation sessions last Christmas. I remember being in a deep state of trance when a welcoming, heart-warming being made herself present to me. Being new to the angelic hierarchy, I was taken aback by this unexpected meeting, yet I somehow knew that it came as a result of my inner desire for love and healing, and would facilitate my spiritual growth.

Since angels have no physical form, they have no gender, yet their specialties may involve feminine or male qualities, and they will always appear to us in a way that feels relevant to our own inner symbolism and beliefs. Even though Archangel Chamuel is traditionally considered to be a male archangel, for me, Chamuel has always appeared with feminine characteristics, looking very much alike the Harry Potter character Mrs Weasley. She has a sweet, heart-shaped face, short, wavy light-brown hair and full-figured body. Everything about her presence exudes a sense of compassion, nurturing and an overwhelming sense of unconditional love, very much like the unconditional love of a mother towards her child.

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “He who sees God” and she is the Archangel associated with finding unconditional love. Thinking back on the day I first met Chamuel, I know that she came as a result of my desire to know and experience unconditional love. That day marked the beginning of a magical and life-changing journey that awakened me to fundamental truths about love and relationships. Within a year, I found closure from past relationships, gave birth to new ones, let go of limiting thoughts of fear and unworthiness, realized by own loveability, learnt to love myself fully and deeply, but most importantly, I learnt to love without any expectations. All that it took for me to go through this divine path of enlightenment was my willingness to open myself up to the infinite amount of God’s wisdom and intelligence, which is available to all of us through His messengers; the angels and Archangels.

The road to love is different for every person. We are intrinsically diverse human beings that came into this life experience to remember and express our loveability from an array of different perspectives. As a result, each one of us has different love lessons to learn and a unique spiritual path to follow. Thankfully, Archangel Chamuel is aware of our specific path to loveability and knows exactly how to help us implement it. All that he needs to help us do so is our permission, as well as the diligence and courage to follow the inspired guidance that will come as a result.

Prayer to invite Archangel Chamuel in your life:

Loving Archangel Chamuel, thank you for flowing through me and instilling me with unconditional love. Please, guide my spiritual path so that I attract people, experiences and opportunities that will help me know and experience the infinite amount of love that lies within me. Help me be a loving presence in this world, and infuse me with a loving and empowering perspective for all challenging situations. I trust in love, I trust in your guidance, and I know that my future will always unfold to my highest good, because in love, all is always well.

 Opening up to Unconditional Love – Visualization

  • In meditation, visualize your heart being a bright ball of emerald green light. See Archangel Chamuel standing before you and clearing your aura from psychic impurities, preparing you to give and receive unconditional love
  • With every breath that you inhale your heart’s green light grows deeper and brighter, until it finally bursts out of your chest, casting its light out into the room and beyond
  • Bask in this feeling of ease, euphoria and unconditional love, and trust that this feeling of love will guide your every thought, action and experience

Chamuel is also known as: Camael, Camiel, Camiul, Camniel, Chamael, Kamael, Khamael, or KMAL

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